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Our clients need more than just websites. They require integrated digital ecosystems featuring online stores, campaign tools, and marketing strategies, combined with membership systems, payment solutions, and CRMs. We deliver the solutions that help to achieve business and communication objectives.

Dekode was the obvious choice for us when we were looking for a new partner. They could offer us close collaboration, in addition to allowing us to own our own source code and not tie ourselves to systems that offer little flexibility.

Tor Mikael Kristensen, CTO The Cancer Foundation in Norway

Moments We Are Proud of

Mollie: Payments

Designed for Growth

Mollie wanted to switch web solutions and chose to transition from a headless CMS to a WordPress multisite after through technical evaluation with Dekode. We developed several custom features, including content syndication, centralized translation database, and technical optimization for SEO, to assist Mollie in fulfilling their online growth ambitions.

Mollie wanted to simplify the editorial experience for their editors regardless of development capacity. Mollie had also undergone a rebranding that was not reflected on the website.

Mollie initially planned to continue with a headless CMS, but through a technical planning project and needs analysis, the conclusion from Mollie and Dekode was clear. A WordPress multisite solution was best suited for their growth ambitions.

Kirkens Bymisjon: Tailored for Future
Opportunities and Challenges

Kirkens Bymisjon had invested significantly in modernizing the organization. They had also created a new visual identity. No wonder they also needed a new digital solution that could help them tie it all together.

With initiatives in most cities across Norway, and with many different activities in each city, Kirkens Bymisjon wanted the platform to bring these closer together – both visually and technically. 

There was a need to provide the public with a better overview of the how the organization works, and also to bring all the initiatives at Kirkens Bymisjon together under one large orange umbrella.

Lastly, we wanted to strengthen their online store. It sells products produced under the auspices of Kirkens Bymisjon. This provides employment for many people who may not otherwise have a job. Giving their online store a digital boost and professionalizing the expression was a strong desire on their part.

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